What’s on the Purchasing Horizon? | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

What’s on the Purchasing Horizon?

  • Tennis Court Rehabilitation

Procurement, in conjunction with Facilities, just completed a solicitation to rehabilitate our tennis courts. I am in the process now of reviewing the solicitation responses to ensure compliance with all aspects of the solicitation requirements. Once a determination is made to award the project we will post this award to the Procurement Bulletin.

  • Food Service Management

The current contract term with Sodexo for Food Service Management expires on June 30, 2020. There are no allowable renewal terms remaining on the original contract. Thus, Procurement has a current Request for Proposal out for solicitation among interested contractors. These proposals are due March 4, 2020. After that time a review of the proposals will take place for compliance; presentations will be made by invited offerors and an award determination will be made and Board of Trustee approval will be necessary. I would expect this entire process to take us through the remainder of the academic calendar. After a board approved contract is entered into more information will be shared regarding who our next food service provider will be.

  • Contract Renewals

As we begin to conclude the final months of our fiscal year several of you have contracts that are due for renewal. Expect Procurement to reach out to you during the month of March to discuss your desire for renewal. If your contract still has two or more years of eligible renewal terms please be prepared to discuss with me the option to create the contract renewal for more than a one year term to increase efficiency. My goal is to create renewal contracts for more than a one year term if provisions allow and the vendor is performing to acceptable standard.

  • Amazon / Sam’s Club Membership Renewals

With the introduction last Fall of increased access to Amazon purchases, we have had great success and cooperation from many departments using this program for small purchases. Although we have since an increase in the number of Amazon invoices being processed, the process for reconciling and paying these invoices is much improved over the reconciliation process we have encountered with Sam’s Club purchase. Great strides have been made in minimizing our Sam’s Club purchases. Thank you for your efforts. Over the next several months we will not be renewing individual department memberships. Rather, we will be creating one membership for IMSA. We will continue to renew our Amazon PRIME membership giving you the opportunity to receive your items in as few as two days.

If you have further questions or concerns please stop by my office or call me at X5036.