Program Purpose

The purpose of the Wellness Program at IMSA is to promote lifelong patterns of behavior that will enable students to establish and commit to a wellness lifestyle in the development of the whole self. Learning experiences focus on a holistic concept of wellness. Concepts of physical education, health education, and life skills are integrated in a course of study which emphasizes harmony among the emotions, the body, the intellect, and the spirit. IMSA students are challenged to develop an in-depth understanding of who they are as individuals through self-reflection, physical activity, and wellness planning.

The mind and body should be educated together; the result being a complete individual with harmonious parts. It is well-recognized today that healthy minds and bodies are basic to academic success. High-quality wellness education gives young people a chance to learn the skills needed to establish and maintain a healthy physically active lifestyle throughout their lives (The Surgeon General’s Vision for a Healthy and Fit Nation, 2010).

The wellness program at IMSA provides opportunities for students to develop their full potential as human beings. In addition, it serves as an integrative model for wellness, health and physical education programs in the state of Illinois and beyond.

Current Course Offerings

  • Dance
  • Movement and Relaxation
  • Moving and Learning
  • Net and Wall Games
  • Outdoor and Indoor Games
  • Stress Management for Life
  • Wellness in the Water