Food Service

SODEXO – Food Service

The Academy provides a comprehensive meal plan for students consisting of three meals a day Monday-Friday, and two meals (brunch and dinner) on Saturday and Sunday. Students will be asked to present their current school year student ID card to cafeteria personnel prior to receiving a meal. Students are asked to take only the amount of food they will be able to eat. Unconsumed food represents a significant unnecessary strain on Academy and environmental resources. Students are expected to bus their tray and dishes after eating and leave the area clean. No food or dishes are to be removed from the cafeteria area except for bagged meals requested by IMSA staff and/or a piece of fruit. Students with special dietary needs should contact the food services manager. Off-campus guests may purchase meals and eat in the cafeteria. If students miss a meal because of participation in a school-sponsored activity, they may receive a boxed meal. The staff member sponsoring the particular activity is responsible for making these arrangements, and will inform the participants as to where and when to pick up the meal. Food Services will make special arrangements if a student is ill and excused from class by the nurse.

We ask that you remember just a few things:

  1. Have your current school year ID with you when you come for your meals.
  2. Speak loud and clear when in line, it can get loud at times.
  3. Clean up your table after you are done. If you spill something, let a Sodexo staff member know so that we can take care of it.
  4. Enjoy your meal.


Send your comments, rants and raves about the food and/or service from Sodexo. The information will be received by Kathy McDonnell and Katie Berger, Executive Director of Student Affairs. The information will also be shared with the Food Committee.

Food Committee

The Food Committee is made up of the following: Student Representatives (typically 2, but anyone is welcome), Parents (2 reps. from PAC), RCs (1 or 2), Sodexo staff (Kathy McDonald and Chef John), IMSA Administrator (Dr. Hernandez). If you would like to have something discussed, please submit a comment with your name attached so we can respond.