Residence Life

Living at IMSA

The staff believes that students who choose to attend the Academy are committed to developing their personal and social skills along with the academic talents. The residence halls are places where living and learning meet. It is there that each student will meet new and different people, encounter new ideas and differing values, and test the student’s self-discipline. Students will find the residence halls are places where all of the elements of the IMSA community fuse. A student’s acceptance to attend the Academy constitutes an agreement on his/her part to actively support the Academy’s expectations. Community success will depend on the cooperative efforts of all.

Residential Expectations

Each of the seven Residence Halls on campus has consistent rules and expectations. All students and parents will be made aware of these rules and expectations upon move-in and are expected to abide by them at all times. A copy of these expectations may be requested from the hall staff and is made available to all students at the beginning of the year. These rules and expectations are in place to maintain order within the halls, to better serve the students of the hall, and to better meet the needs of the hall structure.

Sustainable Living

Students should recognize that excessive consumption of resources such as water and energy can have a global impact and incur unnecessary costs for IMSA. Students are expected to exercise principles of conservation when using resources and to turn off appliances, lighting, heating, air conditioning, showers, and faucets when not needed. In addition, students are expected to recycle all aluminum cans, plastic bottles, and paper in the proper receptacles by using the supplied recycle bin in the room, and to avoid mixing recyclables with food and other waste.