Bias Incident Reporting

If your immediate safety is at risk, if you are witnessing violence, or if you perceive imminent harm to yourself or others, please immediately dial 911 or call IMSA Security at 630.907.5042.

The Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA) values a diverse community where all members are able to participate fully in the IMSA experience.  IMSA is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive academic, social and work environment in which all members of the community are treated with respect and dignity and research, learning and scholarship can flourish. Our policies and practices reflect IMSA’s expectation that all interactions among persons will be free of bias, prejudice, discrimination and harassment. 

Each individual has the right to learn, live and work in an environment that promotes Equity and Excellence. The Academy recognizes and acknowledges the historical underrepresentation and marginalization of culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse groups, both universally, and particularly, in STEM education and professions. These disparities also exist in the representation of the Academy’s workforce.  We are committed to advancing equity in STEM education and representation and creating a diverse, inclusive community of global citizens who can realize their full potential, and execute our mission to advance the human condition, through a model of Equity and Excellence.

According to IMSA’s Board Approved Personnel Anti-Harassment Policy, it is the policy of the Academy to ensure equal employment opportunity without discrimination or harassment on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, pregnancy, disability, genetic information, marital status, political affiliation, amnesty, arrest record, military status, unfavorable discharge from the military, or status as a covered veteran in accordance with applicable federal, state and local laws. The Academy prohibits any such illegal discrimination or harassment.

IMSA’s Bias Incident Practice

Defined in the Student/Parent Handbook, incidents of bias and hate affecting a person or group create a hostile climate and negatively impact the quality of the IMSA experience for community members. IMSA takes such incidents seriously and will investigate and respond to reported or observed incidents of bias while under the jurisdiction of the Academy. At IMSA, a hate or “bias-related” incident is an act that demonstrates prejudice against the victim’s actual or perceived race, color, gender/gender identity/gender expression, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religion, ability, political affiliation, veteran’s status and/or other aspects of a person’s identity.

Why Report a Bias Incident?

You may be apprehensive about reporting this bias incident, but please keep in mind that IMSA aims to create a safe, inclusive environment in which every single member of the community feels valued, respected and secure.  Other reasons to report a bias incident include:

  • So you or someone you know can receive support
  • So any damage to property can be repaired
  • So we can follow-up with any alleged perpetrators
  • So we can track campus climate and work towards improving it
  • So we can try to prevent further acts of bias
  • Because suffering in silence can be hurtful to you and not remedy the problem
  • The bias incident reporting process provides services to witnesses, bystanders, targeted individuals, offenders, or members of the community that include but are not limited to counseling, training, education, and other support services.

IMSA Bias Incident Reporting Form

To Be Completed by Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents, Alumni, Friends and/or Visitors

You can submit this Bias Incident report either anonymously or confidentially. Please understand that reports of bias incidents are taken very seriously, but our ability to respond to an incident will be limited if it is reported anonymously. Also keep in mind that IMSA will endeavor to maintain the confidentiality of reporters, consistent with our policy and the law, but the details of a Bias Incident Report may need to be revealed (including the identity of the reporter) in certain circumstances. After submitting a Bias Incident report, IMSA will evaluate the report, investigate the claim and work collaboratively to develop and implement a response. All bias-related incidents will be investigated by the Chief Human Resources/ Equity Officer, Chief Student Affairs Officer, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and/or the Associate Director of Student Life.

If you have questions about completing this form or your reporting options, please contact the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at 630.907.5079 or