We prepare students to realize their greatness.

IMSA’s academic program prepares students to become bold inquirers, problem solvers, and integrative thinkers. It challenges them to question, creatively probe, take risks, and test/support their ideas. Among the nation’s best, talented faculty members provide challenging opportunities for students to think critically and creatively, explore and discover, and apply their knowledge to solve significant real-world problems.

Academic Program

The Academy’s Academic Program provides students with world-class opportunities to work with renowned scholars, explore questions, and champion their ideas to market. It includes the major disciplines of mathematics, science, English, history and social sciences, world languages, fine arts, and wellness.

Student Inquiry and Research (SIR), an integral part of the academic program, enables students to work independently and collaboratively with peers and world-renowned scholars and scientists. Through SIR, students can conduct investigations of their design with guidance from professionals on-campus at IMSA or off-campus at facilities throughout the Chicago metropolitan area and beyond. Off-campus facilities include businesses, hospitals, museums, research laboratories, and universities.

Other specialized learning options at IMSA allow students to design personalized learning plans. Examples include an Internship Program, Independent Study, international exchange programs, and leadership development programs.

Students can access state-of-the-art science labs, computer labs, and the Information Resource Center (IRC) connected to specialized databases, including the Illinois University Library System. The instructional technology laboratory is where students use high-tech equipment to tape interviews, produce programs and participate in interactive teleconferences with world-renowned leaders. All residence halls have broadband wireless Internet access.