Power Pitch 2017 - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Power Pitch 2017

power_pitch_logo_square.pngFinalists and Winners of Power Pitch 2017 

$3,000 in Cash Prizes were awarded at Power Pitch

The competition was Saturday, March 4, 2017 on the IMSA campus. Open to individuals and teams in grades 6 – 12.

Contest Winners:

First Prize

Ayan Agarwal ($1,000 for blabl, an app that supplements Speech Therapy for young people)

Joshua Orr ($1,000 for FastExit, a smart exit sign for evacuating large venues safely)

Second Prize

Sushil Upadhyayula and Pranav Upadhyayula ($500 for Heat2Heal, an arthritis wrap that focuses heating and massage by generating electricity from body heat)

Catelyn Rounds and Julian Kroschke ($500 for Shop Cheetah, an app that saves shoppers time in stores and increases store sales)

Also pictured:  Nikhil Madugula and Sivam Bhatt (Flameless, a system for extinguishing kitchen fires with sound waves) who will attend Next Launch Finals with Ayan Agarwal, Sushil Upadhyayula and Pranav Upadhyayula.

Power Pitch is a stepping stone to the Next Launch competition

The Next Launch is a business idea pitch competition held on May 17, 2017 in Indiana that draws high school teams from three schools: IMSA, Fischers HS and Culver Academy. IMSA TALENT students may participate even if they are not enrolled full-time at IMSA.


Written Application Details for entry into Power Pitch

Answer these questions

Maximum length: 100 words each  Images may also be uploaded.


Describe the problem or opportunity and solution

  • What problem is solved by this product or service?  Or what opportunity for new value is created?

  • What does the product or service do?  How does it work? What major risks are involved? How it is innovative?


Describe the Market

  • Who is the intended customer segment or audience for this product or service?

  • What evidence is there that these customers would buy or use the product or service?


Describe the Business Model

  • How would the business make money (sustain itself) and scale?


Names and schools will be removed from the written applications and judged by a panel of investors. The strongest applications will be selected to compete in Power Pitch.