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IN2 Summer Programs

2018 IN2 Summer Programs


Lifecycle of a Startup(incoming grades 7-9, 24 students max)

Experience the first year of a Start-Up in one week. This business incubator boot camp is an action-packed simulation game about entrepreneurship for teams. It realistically simulates starting a new tech business from scratch: developing an idea into a product or service, finding partners, creating a business model, designing marketing plans and media, raising investment from investors and sales. The goal is to end the week by making a profit (on paper). The experience involves teamwork and problem solving to overcome unexpected challenges that occur during the lifecycle of a business. Participants may use this experience as a springboard to enter contests like IMSA’s Power Pitch competition. This camp is presented by IMSA TALENT (Total Applied Learning for Entrepreneurs) and includes a field trip to 1871, Chicago’s incubator for digital startups.

Note: Lifecycle is selected on the basis of a competitive written application.

The application must answer the following questions:

  1. Why do you want to enroll in an entrepreneurial program?
  2. What abilities do you have that a startup team would find valuable?

Shoestring Startup: Presented by eleMENT (incoming grades 7-9, 24 students max)

Think you can’t build a million-dollar business off a shoe-string budget? Think again, with eleMENT. Bring an open, engaged, and hungry mind to learn about the Lean Startup and its applications. You’ll get to meet real-life entrepreneurs, apply your knowledge by building innovative products, and even visit an esteemed startup incubator: 1871. Get ready to immerse yourself in entrepreneurship.


Introduction to Electronics (incoming grades 7-9, 24 students max)

In this camp you will receive a fundamental knowledge in electronics; and have a pretty fun time doing it. Learn how electricity works. We will cover basic chemistry and physics principals to allow you to understand what you’re doing in a friendly, graspable manner. Learn to make basic circuits and machines. Theory is fine, but testing the knowledge is where the fun is. We’ll build robots and sensor controlled machines from toothbrush bots to small cars. We will use programmable microcontrollers like Arudinos and Raspberry Pis to control our machines and utilize smart technology. Any level of familiarity is welcome, but this camp is targeted at beginners with little to no knowledge of electrical engineering. Make your summer electric with IMSA.

Maker Girls (incoming grades 7-9, 24 students max)

Calling all girl makers for a summer camp experience designed just for you. Ever have a great idea that you just don’t know how to get going? In this camp you will learn the skills needed to turn your ideas into reality, in an environment tailored just to you. Make without distractions.  This camp introduces you to the Maker Movement, getting you involved with modern prototyping methods and technology. Focus will be placed on design thinking methods to help you tackle those big problems. Maintain your competitive edge by utilizing 3D modeling and 3D printing on your prototypes. Learn how to control motors and sensors with a computer. Turn your face into a model, and make a selfie-statue to put on your desk. Make this summer a memorable one.

Exploring 3D Printing (incoming grades 7-9, 24 students max)

3D Printing is no longer the future. You have probably seen printers at your school or your local library. Maybe you’ve even printed something from the internet before. In this camp, you will learn how to design and 3D print your own objects. You will learn how to 3D model using the CAD software Autodesk Fusion 360 to make anything from model cars, to gloves, to jewelry. CADing is an important skill for both contemporary engineers and artists. It is used to make every product we sue today. In this week you will learn the skill you need to prototype your ideas in 3D. But modeling is only half the fun. You’ll also get a chance to 3D print your designs, prototype real engineering challenges, and take your art home. Design and make your own toys. CAD a fidget spinner (or don’t!) 3D scan yourself and give your desk a new companion: you. Spend this summer learning to use the latest technology to transfer your ideas into real-world objects.

Please note: You may choose to either pay for program registration OR apply for a scholarship and await award notification, you cannot do both.