3-part webinar series, "Parents as Partners" | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

3-part webinar series, “Parents as Partners”

IMSA is excited to announce a new, 3-part webinar series called, “Parents as Partners”

The goal of Parents as Partners is to facilitate an open dialog about our experiences with the virtual classroom and to provide advice and tools for better practice. The priceless lessons we’ve learned during this time will help us plan for future success in the virtual classroom.  While we were dramatically ushered into online learning and working from home we did gain valuable insight as educators and parents on our students’ learning styles and engagement. In a series of 30 minute webinars educators, parents, and community members will gain advice on how they can better facilitate learning from home for our students.

The first part of the series is called Teachers Take. In Teachers Take: educators from across the state of Illinois and beyond  will discuss their experiences and give some advice for parents on how to better assist them in providing quality education in the virtual setting.

The second part in Parents as Partners is: Parents Pitch. This webinar will include parent panelists from across the nation, giving us tips and tools to navigate the day at home while working and facilitating your students’ learning.

Finally, the last part is called Everyday Life: Learning and the Pursuit of Balance. The last part will focus on taking the tips and tools gained from our parents and educators to develop a usable plan for our individual homes.

Registration $25 per session or $60 for the entire 3-part series

Questions about the series or registration, contact Angela Rowley