What Do You Believe Is Important When Considering Attending IMSA? - Rujuta Durwas '22 | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

What Do You Believe Is Important When Considering Attending IMSA? – Rujuta Durwas ’22

Rujuta Durwas ’22

Bloomington, IL

Homesickness. Independence. Self-Discipline. Communication. Growth. Integration.

Coming to IMSA will be a breakthrough. You leave the towns that you may have grown up in, the places you’ve called home. Coming to IMSA is a new experience entirely, but it’s one that is worth it. I felt at home since the move-in day and that was solely because of the people surrounding me. However, although not as prevalent in my experience, homesickness is a common occurrence amongst students. It’s completely natural to miss home, and it’s important to know that you aren’t alone. The more absorbed you become into the IMSA culture and get involved with the activities the school has to offer, the easier it will be to become comfortable in your new environment. In my experience, I did miss home here and there but my wing became my family, and frankly my new found freedom kept me occupied.

Now talking about freedom, when attending IMSA you gain independence that you may not have had before. It’s very easy to take advantage of the privileges you receive coming to this school. It’s really important to create a balance between academics, clubs, and social life. Frankly, it can take a while to find this balance. For me, it took me about a semester to finally understand and find a work life balance. Being around your friends 24/7 is what makes this experience so incredibly special, and it’s easy to fall behind with work. That’s where self discipline plays a role. When considering going to IMSA, be prepared to learn about self control and making decisions. I am one of the most indecisive people but with time I was able to learn that it’s crucial to prioritize what is truly important to you.

Communication is a key aspect of IMSA. You have to reach out for help, you have to ask questions, and you need to be vocal. Something that was an initial struggle was asking for help in classes or to my teachers, because I felt embarrassed. However, soon enough I realized that especially in the IMSA community, you need to ask for what you need and have to communicate your necessities in order to receive the desired guidance and help. Being vocal in school, and out, will only be beneficial to you. It’s ok if you struggle with communication, it’s a skill you will be able to gain throughout your experience.

Lastly, welcome growth. At the end of the day, these are your highschool years. When attending IMSA, you may feel as though a lot around you is going to change, but nothing with yourself will change necessarily. But in most cases, that’s a wrong assumption. Allow growth and don’t be afraid to find yourself and explore your passions. This is the time to begin learning about who you are, what you are interested in, and embrace this opportunity.

All of those things will let you integrate into the IMSA community. Attending this school will give you a whole new chapter of memories, experiences, and opportunities.