MetroEast Summer@IMSA Group Leader Responsibilities - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

MetroEast Summer@IMSA Group Leader Responsibilities

General Description

Group leaders play an essential role in the delivery of Summer@IMSA programs with the MetroEast Field Office.  Group leaders provide support and assistance to the classroom instructors who deliver the lessons. They provide a learning environment whereby participants can take risks while exploring new subject matter in a “learn-by-doing” manner.  Group leaders also supervise and interact with the participants during free time and are ultimately responsible for their whereabouts.

Duties Include

  • Serve as a role model for participants. Demonstrate a friendly, positive, and professional image to participants, parents, visitors and other staff
  • Greet participants each morning and learn their names
  • Interact, supervise, and play games/icebreakers with participants each morning upon arrival and during free times throughout the day
  • On first morning, Site Coordinator will announce camp rules but group leader may refresh each additional morning if participants’ behavior from day prior warrants this
  • Escort all participants (approximately 10-20) in your assigned group to/from classroom and snack/lunch areas
  • Remain with participants during each session throughout the day
  • During lessons, supervise your group of participants:
    • make sure participants follow rules, especially during labs
    • ensure safety (check that closed toe shoes are worn and that long hair is pulled back)
    • assist teachers with distributing materials
    • help clarify instructions given by teacher
    • make sure participants have a good understanding of what they are expected to do
    • assist participants with lessons, as needed
    • monitor the “climate” of the classroom—(be aware of participants who are taking control or who may be feeling left out–encourage participation & turn taking)
    • upon teacher request, do pairing or grouping of participants (be creative in how you do this but remember which groups have been working well together and which ones need to be changed)
  • Assist with snack time and clean up, as needed
  • Monitor participants’ behavior and whereabouts during lunch and other free periods (will alternate with teachers & Site Coordinator)
  • Create 2 questions for “Questions for Candy” each day and assist with this process
  • Conduct games/mixers during dismissal time—until last participant leaves or until relieved by an IMSA staff person OR assist at check-out table by releasing participants to “authorized person” at end of day
  • Collect name tags of assigned participants and return them to check-in table (tags will be provided to participants upon check-in next morning)
  • Attend daily debriefing meeting to provide feedback on the day’s events


  1. Complete Summer@IMSA Volunteer Group Leader Application online.
  2. Participate in phone interview.
  3. Attend two-hour orientation at the IMSA MetroEast Field Office at BelleValley School in Belleville.  Date/time to be determined.
  4. Work Monday – Friday, 8:30 am to 3:30 pm (30 minute lunch period), unless other arrangements are made with IMSA supervisor.

For more information, please contact:

Dawn Waller, MetroEast Field Office Coordinator, IMSA