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Science Syllabi

Course Name Teacher
Core classes
Advanced Biological Systems Amacher, Jessica
Anjur, Sowmya Sriram
Dosch, Donald
O’Leary-Driscoll, Sarah
Randall, Crystal M
Methods in Scientific Inquiry Carlson, Mark
Golab, Joseph T
Kopff, Laura
Randall, Crystal M
Tolla, Melissa
Scientific Inquiries – Biology Amacher, Jessica
Scientific Inquiries – Chemistry Golab, Joseph T
Tolla, Melissa
Kopff, Laura
Pierrehumbert, Nadia
Scientific Inquiries – Physics Hawker, Eric
Dong, Peter J
Perry, Anastasia G
Schmidt, Brooke
Adv. Chemistry–Structure and Properties Golab, Joseph T
DeVol, David Lon
Tolla, Melissa
Biochemistry Ahrendt, Angela J
Biology of Behavior O’Leary-Driscoll, Sarah
Cancer Biology O’Leary-Driscoll, Sarah
Engineering Carlson, Mark
Hawker, Eric
Environmental Chemistry Ahrendt, Angela J
Evolution, Biodiversity, and Ecology Amacher, Jessica
Geology Pierrehumbert, Nadia
Medicinal Chemistry Thurmond, John
Microbes and Disease Dosch, Donald
Microcontroller Applications (Science) Carlson, Mark
Modern Physics Dong, Peter J
Organic Chemistry I Kopff, Laura
Thurmond, John
White, Anita L Connors
Pathophysiology Anjur, Sowmya Sriram
Physics: Calculus-based Mechanics Schmidt, Brooke
Physics: Sound and Light Perry, Anastasia G
Planetary Science Hawker, Eric
Pierrehumbert, Nadia