Dr. Mark Carlson - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy
IMSA's virtual campus is open with remote learning and working in effect for the remainder of the Spring 2020 semester.

Dr. Mark Carlson

Science Faculty

Bio: I am interested in biophysics, potable water in the developing world, gardening, and music


Office: B104A
Phone: x5975
Email: mcarlson@imsa.edu

Office Hours: A & C Days 10:30am – 11:30am

Mod Term Course # Course Name Room #
5-6(A,C) S1 SCI135 Methods in Scientific Inquiry A200
1(B,D) 2(B,D) S1 CS315 Microcontroller Applications (CS) B133
1(B,D) 2(B,D) S1 SCI315 Microcontroller Applications (Science) B133
5-6(B,D) S1 SCI455 Engineering B145
5-6(A,C) S2 SCI465 Biophysics B145
1-2(B,D) S2 SCI465 Biophysics B145
5-6(B,D) S2 SCI135 Methods in Scientific Inquiry A200