Welcome to the Faculty and Academic Staff Spotlight!

The vision for the Faculty & Academic Staff Spotlight is to bring light over the horizon, showcasing the work of our faculty and academic support staff members.  In particular, to show appreciation for what we do to support the academy’s priorities in order to serve the uniquely diverse student learners at IMSA.  Additionally, our intent is to celebrate and share how we are facilitating effective teaching and learning that results in intentionally igniting and nurturing our IMSA students during these challenging times towards a bright future.

Here’s what to expect: Each edition will briefly introduce a faculty/academic support staff member. The Spotlight will include responses to the following questions:

  1. What is your “Why?” What motivates you to choose to work at IMSA?
  2. What is your role?
  3. How are you implementing the academy’s priorities, doing your work (curriculum, instruction and assessment) through an equity lens?
  4. What’s working?
  5. What have you learned about motivating students at IMSA?

Each spotlight will include a story about “what works” – a specific situation, the complications challenging the student, and how you overcame them.  For example, share practices for doing curriculum, instruction, assessment, or support work. This will help us as we continue to strengthen our capacity as a system to adapt instruction to meet the needs of our students. We have amazing people. Collaboration is possible if we know each other, build trust, and are free to share our diverse points of view, while focusing on our shared outcome: student care and student learning.  So watch where the Spotlight shines, you may see something new among your colleagues!