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Procurement Process During Remote Working

We have implemented a way to keep processing POs and reviewing/paying invoices. Most departments already have been set up with a shared google drive for invoice sharing and we are in the process of setting up shared drives for other departments. We ask that you go to the shared drives to review your invoices that need approval. This is the tool we are going to use to get the invoices to you for review.  

If, and only if you have received the product, or know that the service has already been provided, should you approve the invoice. If you need to be added to a shared drive to provide us with an invoice that needs to be paid, please email me directly. DO NOT remove the invoices from the drive,  my team will remove them after they are done with them.

We have created google sheets for each admin/dept and this will be the tool we will use to approve the invoice. Follow the example on the google sheet when you are ready to approve an invoice.  Please include the fund name on the google sheet, this is helpful to my team. If you need to be added to your departments google sheets so that you may enter/approve an invoice, please email me directly.

If you wish to cancel a PO that was already created, email Maria for EAF, and email Janine for all of the other funds (Local, Inc Fund, Spec Trust). You do not need to use the google sheet for this process.

Please fill out all of the information in all of the columns on the Google sheet. Please follow the example that was set on your Google sheet. Please do not load any information on a google sheet unless you are approving an invoice that is already on your shared drive that houses your invoices. The invoices are served up to you on a shared drive. Once you know you have received the product/or can confirm the service was performed, you would want to send the Business Office an approved PO along with invoice/supporting documents. In lieu of sending us the hard copy PO and invoice, we are asking that you fill out the Google sheet as a means of approving the PO. The only way we can know what to process and determine what invoices are approved is if all of the pertinent information is entered correctly into the Google sheet.   

If you  have been provided an invoice directly,  you may load the invoice onto the shared drive. You may then also fill out the Google sheet if you are ready to approve. In this situation, please send an email to Maria (EAF), or Janine (all other funds), letting them know that you have updated your Google Sheet. (In essence, approving an invoice to pay)

If there is a need for an imprest check, please email Jim Farrell directly. He would prefer these to come directly to me, rather than be loaded onto the Google Sheet since the mechanics of imprest work differently.