Dr. David Workman | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Dr. David Workman

Emeritus, Awarded in 2008
IMSA Tenure: 1986-2008
Science Faculty, Head of Science Team, CAL, Harris Institute and Summer Sleuths Summer Programs

Early in the Academy’s history, Dr. Workman helped lay the foundation for IMSA’s philosophy and direction, a foundation that sets IMSA apart from other high schools. Dr. Workman was a faculty leader in creating the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) initiative at IMSA, and in authoring IMSA Strategic Plans, IMSA’s Standards of Significant Learning, and CADRE.  He kept the flame alive by continuing to teach Science, Society and the Future as a senior elective and participating in summer PBL programs. As one of the prime movers behind the Integrated Science initiative, Dr. Workman spread knowledge of integrated approaches to teaching and learning, leading to deeper scientific inquiries.

He put IMSA on the forefront of educational innovation by teaching an all-girls calculus based physics section that was featured on Dateline NBC. The result was a change in the way the course was taught which benefitted students of both genders. Dr. Workman supported many students in their research including the Great Blue Heron research groups and phytoremediation group, which have led to permanent displays on campus.

In the years from 2009 to 2013 Dr. Workman spent considerable time in Thailand where he worked with the Mahidol Wittayanusorn school (MWIT, Thailand’s IMSA) training that school’s teachers in IMSA methods. He helped create the course Scientific Inquiries and the Nature of Science (SINOS) which is currently taught to all MWIT students. He gave workshops to hundreds of teachers at schools in provinces throughout the country.  In 2012 he facilitated a visit of the Thai  Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn to IMSA.

Each Spring he does review sessions for IMSA students preparing for the AP Physics exam and he remains actively involved with many alumni.

He currently resides in Naperville where he leads bike rides and nature walks for residents of his development.