Alumni Spotlight - Ben Hamilton '97 | Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Alumni Spotlight – Ben Hamilton ’97

What activities were you involved in at IMSA?
  • Student Network Administrator (SNPC/SNSA)
  • Playing trombone in band
  • American Computer Science League
Why did you Choose IMSA?

I wanted to surround myself with nerds who challenged all my preconceived notions. I loved no longer being the smart kid in the room.

College and Area(s) of Study
  • UC Santa Cruz, Computer Science
  • East Asian Studies (Japanese)
Current Profession and Company
  • Software Engineer, Google
Advice for Current Students

Fail safely, fail early, and fail often. IMSA provides an incredibly unique place to try stuff way outside your comfort zone, and gives you the support you need in case you fail at anything. Don’t run away from failure—embrace it!