Contact Security - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Contact Security

The Security Department at the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days per year. The Security Officers on duty can be reached at all times by several methods. Depending on the situation and whether or not you are involved in an emergency situation you will use one of the following methods to contact Security.


In the case of an emergency, contact IMSA Security directly by dialing 5042 from any IMSA house phone, office phone, or residence hall room. To dial from a pay phone or from anywhere off campus dial 1-630-907-5042. Dialing 5042 will connect you directly to the on-duty Officers anywhere on campus via a radio system. Remember that you are talking over a radio so only one person can talk at a time. Also remember that you are talking on the only radio frequency available to us, so please keep your conversations short and to the point. In some situations, Officers are instructed to ask people to call back on another line so we can keep the radio frequency open.

Serious Emergency

In the case of a serious emergency, where an Ambulance, Fire Department, or other special response not available from IMSA personnel is needed, please call 911 directly. From any IMSA house, office, or residence hall room phone dial 9-911 . This will put you directly in contact with the City of Aurora’s Emergency Dispatch Center. This center dispatches all Police, Fire, Emergency Medical, and other emergency response personnel.

From a pay phone dial 911 directly.

Do not hang up until the dispatcher tells you to do so, and ensure that you tell them the following:

  • What the problem is;
  • What type of assistance you need;
  • Where you are located;
  • Where someone will meet the responders and who will meet the responding personnel.

After calling 911, contact IMSA Security at 5042 and advise them that you have called 911 for Police, Fire, or Ambulance services to respond to the location and for what reason. The on-duty Security Officers will then respond to the location of the emergency to assist or meet the emergency responders and direct them to the area in which they are needed. Remember that emergency responders will not be able to get into most buildings due to the exterior doors being locked.


To contact members of the IMSA Security Department for non-emergency situations, call their office first. The following Security Staff can be reached at the following phone numbers:

Name Rank/Position Phone #
Dale Arentsen #201 Chief 630-907-5087
Jeffrey Davis #202 Lieutenant 630-907-5864
James Read #207 Sergeant 630-907-5871
James Bellon #208 Senior Officer 630-907-5870
Waylon Murphy #211 Officer 630-907-5002
Zachary Townsend #212 Officer 630-907-5002
Charles Wisley #227 Officer 630-907-5002
Lawrence Cruz #225 Officer 630-907-5002
Fred Vargas #222 Officer (PT) 630-907-5862
Joseph O’Donnell #221 Officer (PT) 630-907-5851
John Flannery #228 Officer (PT) 630-907-5002
Daniel Flores #226 Officer (PT) 630-907-5002
Eric Greenfield #213 Officer (PT) 630-907-5002
Hugo Nunez #223 Officer (PT) 630-907-5002
Joseph Escutia #224 Officer (PT) 630-907-5002
Adilene Ruiz #230 Officer (PT) 630-907-5002
Security Office 630-907-5002
EMERGENCY 630-907-5042
Night/Weekend Front Desk Officer 630-907-5044

If no one is available at the above phone numbers it is appropriate to contact the on-duty Officer or other staff members by calling 630-907-5042.