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College and Academic Counseling

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The College and Academic Counselors (CACs) collaborate in the development and delivery of college application materials, financial aid, college admission testing, as well as all course selection and scheduling processes, academic counseling and intervention programs. CACs also serve on a support team with other academic, residential, and student life members.

CACs and Assignments
To view CAC assignments and contact information:
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IMSA Profile
The IMSA School Profile provides information on IMSA programs, courses, grade distribution, and testing highlights.
Quarterly Newsletter
The CAC quarterly newsletter provides news and updates to both students and parents.
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Naviance Family Connections
Naviance Family Connection is a comprehensive online college planning resource.
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Course Information and Selection

Course Catalog/Learning Opportunities
The Learning Opportunities document provides a list of course offerings and descriptions.
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Course Selection and Planning
Click below for more information on selecting classes, graduation requirements, and college expectations.
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Course Planning Template
This template helps students with course planning and graduation requirements.

The College Planning Process

The college planning process at IMSA is comprised of individual meetings with students and researching tools.

Standardized Test Information
Click below for the information on upcoming tests, test dates, and registration.
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College Planning Information
Click below for the college planning timeline, information about college day, and more information about the college planning process.
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Academic and College Admissions Webinars
Click below for a list of webinars regarding course selection, standardized tests, and college admission.
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Financial Aid

Financial aid plays a central and essential role in supporting postsecondary education by providing money for college to eligible students and families.

Financial Aid Timeline
Click below for the Financial Aid timeline.
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Financial Aid Resources
Click below for a general overview on financial aid for college, as well as resources on different forms of financial aid.
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Financial Aid Webinars
Click below for a list of webinars regarding financial aid.
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