Power Pitch

Power Pitch Update

IMSA staff, faculty and students were notified the school would remain in its current shutdown status for the remainder of the school year with remote learning and working. In light of this news, IMSA Power Pitch 2020 has been officially cancelled.  In our last update, we expressed hope we would be able to return to campus this spring with the possibility of still having the Power Pitch event.  That is no longer possible.  We also searched for an acceptable platform to present Power Pitch as an online event.  However, we could find no format that would hold to IMSA’s standards of fairness for all contestants and maintain the integrity of the Power Pitch legacy.

While this news is unfortunate and regrettable, we are introducing a series of short-term, entrepreneurial thinking challenges that will not involve a face-to-face pitch component, but will maintain the competitive nature of Power Pitch, complete with prizes.

I would like to thank you all for bearing with us through this unprecedented period of uncertainty.  Please email me sgoldblatt@imsa.edu with any questions you may have.


In light of the current situation and lack of an acceptable online Power Pitch format, the IMSA Entrepreneurship Program would like to offer an alternative in tune with today’s focus.

Life has a habit of throwing curve balls, at times seriously disrupting what we typically consider “normal.”  Taking into consideration the environment in which we are currently living (key word: “living”), what would you develop, whether it be a product, system, process, etc., to address, help, engage, or solve an issue/problem related (in any way) to the Coronavirus situation (including the “quarantine”?)

Using STEM(P) as a backdrop (P= psychology), design/develop a product (or whatever) you believe would benefit the public, or a specific segment thereof.  You must work within the guidelines of current Illinois and Federal law, policy and guidance in regards to the Coronavirus issue.  (Although disruption of current thinking is definitely allowed!!)  This may be for-profit, not-for-profit, or public policy related.  It may be physical, digital or written word (as in a policy, strategy, system, process, etc.)  ANYTHING GOES!  (AS LONG AS IT IS BASED IN REALITY.)

The following MUST be addressed:

  • What is it (describe product or whatever?)  What problem/issue does it address?
  • Is your product/idea original?  If not, what makes it unique in the market?  (GOOGLE SEARCH!)
  • Who is the target market?  Why?
  • How does it address the issue?  What would be the projected outcomes (does anything change)?
  • Does it disrupt anything?  If so, what?

Submission may be animation, PowerPoint (with notes) or in white paper format.

  • Time limit (animation):  3 minutes (max).
  • Length limit:  PowerPoint (10 slides),  Paper:  2 pages

Prizes  (Amazon Gift Cards):

  • 1st place:  $200
  • 2nd place:  $150
  • 3rd Place:  $100

(Prizes will be delivered via email.)


Submit your idea here

IMSA takes your intellectual property seriously.  Your submission will not be shared with anyone without your expressed, written permission.

Feel free to share this with your friends from other high schools!