“One Of A Kind-The Life Of An Average IMSA Student” – Raghav Sinha ’24

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That feeling of just being locked into your work is familiar to every student at IMSA. Whether it’s Mathematical Investigations, Advanced Programming, or even Moving and Learning. These classes are all similar in the way students connect with them. For many students, IMSA isn’t a school, it’s a lifestyle. When you’re going through the cafeteria, walking to your next class, and doing your laundry, this place is a chance to prove your skills and your true potential. Sometimes, you might stumble a little, your whites turn to blues, and you are late to class. This is just part of the process. Every IMSA student, when asked to stay down or get right back up, gets back on their feet. Even though I experienced all these issues, my first semester was amazing, thanks to all the people that I met and the memories I made.

The memories will stay with you forever. One of my favorite memories was during Halloween. IMSA staff and students made a haunted house out of the boys’ locker room. I remember walking in and being greeted by a quiet, dark room with fake blood smeared on the walls and the screams of students in the background. It was by far the best haunted house I have ever seen. I remember the hilarious Halloween costume parade we had on the same day. The crazy costumes, the homemade ones, and the funny ones. I looked in the distance to be greeted by a red “Among Us” imposter. I remember LEAD (a class where upperclassmen teach underclassmen) when we drew cartoon characters on the board. I remember the laughter that filled the room and the plastic sword that was used as a pointer. I remember fire drills, dressing like my teachers, IMSA Facebook pages, karaoke, Homecoming, day trips (bus trips) almost everywhere, thanksgiving dinner, intense basketball games, laser tag, secret Santa with my wing, holiday parties, and far more. The list is endless. At IMSA, you are never alone, you are never strange or nerdy, you are unique. When I am inside the halls of this school, I feel a sense of satisfaction knowing that I have full freedom to decide what I want to do and when. I feel free and whole. I trust that I am not the only one. Everyone’s story is different.

Remember when considering applying or attending, don’t fear the unknown. You make the choices that paint the mural of your life. Be true to yourself.

Raghav Sinha Class of 2024