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3rd – 4th Grade Programs

Makey Lab

5th – 6th Grade Programs

  • 8.4.23 – CSIMSA in Springfield August 4, 2023 - After all of our CSIMSA investigators’ hard work this week, it is finally time to try and convict the guilty suspect who dognapped Fifi LaRoux! The students spent the day… Continue Reading
  • 8.3.23 – CSIMSA in Springfield August 3, 2023 - In CSIMSA we had an exciting day doing DNA profiling of our suspects and DNA found at the crime scene! We practiced pipetting before loading our gels and performing gel… Continue Reading
  • 8.2.23 – CSIMSA in Springfield August 2, 2023 - A ransom note was sent to Fifi LeRoux’s owner last night and so today at “CSIM-stitute”, our doggedly determined CSIMSA trainees learned more about ink chromatography and handwriting analysis (a.k.a.… Continue Reading
  • 8.1.23 – CSIMSA in Springfield August 1, 2023 - Our 5 suspects in the case of the missing Fifi LeRoux have reported to the police department to submit some of their key biometric information and to get fingerprinted. Today,… Continue Reading
  • 7.31.23 – CSIMSA in Springfield July 31, 2023 - Today in CSImsa, the campers dug into the details of the crime: The dognapping of Fifi LeRoux, a prized 3-time Westminster dog show defending champion! They built Foldscopes, which are… Continue Reading

7th – 8th Grade Programs

Vital Signs