Summer@IMSA - Grades 5-6 - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Summer@IMSA – Grades 5-6


Calling all forensic investigators!—We’ve come across a mystery and need your help to crack the case! As part of this program, participants will work in teams to gather evidence as they unravel the science and mathematics behind crime scene clues like fingerprints and footprints, DNA, handwriting, voice identification, and more! At the end of the week, teams will analyze their evidence, make deductions and propose their theories to solve the mystery.

Location Week
Aurora 6/22
Aurora 7/20


IMSA’s weather forecast for Summer 2020 is “Cloudy with a chance of space water pods!” This camp gives campers the chance to explore the space and weather phenomena that have fascinated humans for centuries. Students will have to “think like an  astronaut (or aerospace engineer or meteorologist)” in order to take on a series of space/weather-related challenges including how to design space gear that can withstand the harsh environs of outer space and how to use chemical reactions to launch rockets. Along the way, there will be some close encounters with glowing galactic goo, swirling satellites, and helpful hovercrafts. Come join us for a week that will be out-of-this world!

Location Week
Aurora 7/6
Aurora 7/27

E2 : Engineering Explorations

Design, tinker, build, test—then do it again! Working in teams, participants will engage in hands-on activities as they explore the engineering design process through electrical, chemical, and biomedical engineering. Students will design, build, and race boats, make their own electrified board games, and create models of heart valves and lungs. Participants also get to test the principles of force and motion through a week-long Rube Goldberg project culminating in a competition.

Location Week
Aurora, Metro East, Normal 6/15
Normal 6/22
Metro East 7/6
Aurora 7/13
Metro East 7/20
Springfield 8/3

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