Summer@IMSA - Grades 3-4 - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Summer@IMSA – Grades 3-4


Survival of the fittest! Come explore how plants and insects survive in a world dominated by humans. Bring an observant eye and ear as we investigate unique interactions between living organisms. Dissect a grasshopper and flower, test how ants respond to stimuli, create an insect soundscape, and more! The hands-on explorations, inquiry-based activities, and modeling will leave students buzzing with excitement!

Location Week
Aurora, Metro East, Normal 6/15
Normal 6/22
Metro East 7/6
Aurora 7/13
Metro East 7/20
Springfield 8/3

Makey Lab

Calling all mini-Makers! Have you ever wanted to develop and assemble your own toy? Light up your creations? Build a waterslide? Students will hone their inquiring, designing, creating, and building skills on multiple engaging projects. Throughout the week they will be learning about circuits, physics, engineering, and even coding a dance that other students will perform. So put on your thinking caps and come join us makers!

Location Week
Aurora 6/22
Aurora 7/20


There will be a Chemistry Party happening at IMSA when this popular camp returns for the coming summer. Join us as we conduct experiments to explore the cool chemistry behind molecular gastronomy, bath fizzers, and everyone’s favorite: colorful water beads. Our budding chemists will get the chance to write secret messages using “highly classified” chemical solutions, grow their own crystal gardens, and even create (and eat) their own ice cream recipes! Be sure to join us at Chemapalooza!

Location Week
Aurora 7/6
Aurora 7/27

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