Summer Institute @IN2 - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

Summer Institute @IN2

Innovation & Entrepreneurship (IN2@IMSA)
Entrepreneurship Thinking
Carl Heine, Ph.D., Program Director IMSA TALENT
This day covers introducing entrepreneurial thinking to your curriculum, lean start-up methodology in the design of entrepreneurial teaching and learning, internships, pitch contests, the TALENT curriculum and Chicago’s 1871 digital incubator.
June 11, 8a-3p – $175 (1 day)
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Designing Innovation Spaces
Britta McKenna, Chief Innovation Officer
Join us at IN2, Illinois’ first secondary school innovation center as we tour the award-winning space and share IMSA’s design best practices (and fast fails). Be inspired by our slide deck of innovation spaces visited across the US and share in the process used to design IN2.  Learners get a lesson in design thinking, then form teams to either work on your own real-time or future innovation space or another attendee’s project (maker, innovation, and entrepreneurship). Teams are encouraged
June 12, 8a-3p – $175 (1 day)
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Makerspace Fast Start
Erik Swanson, IN2 Makerspace Manager & Britta McKenna, IMSA Chief Innovation Officer
This introductory program is broken into two half-day sessions that provide the basics of makerspace operation and equipment for your school, library or community center.  Tour IMSA makerspaces and learn about the planning process and programs needed to get your makerspace kick started.  Spend time in the IN2 makerspace to gain hands-on introduction to the equipment and tools.  Come with questions and go home with our makerspace fast start toolkit.
June 13, 8a-3p – $175 (1 day)
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Makerspace 3D Printing and Micro Controllers
Erik Swanson, IN2 Makerspace Manager
This class picks up where Makerspace Fast Start leaves off, focusing on two skill sets:  3D printing, including an overview of CAD (computer-aided design) basis and instruction in Autodesk Fusion 360 and electronics, focusing on Arduino and electronic circuit creation.
June 14, 8a-3p – $175 (1 day)
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Design Thinking
Norman “Storm” Robinson III Ph.D., IMSA Executive Director of Professional Field Services
This one-day workshop is for educators or individuals wishing to explore how to use design thinking to support innovative practice and creative solution-finding. Activities are designed for use in the classroom and can be translated to other ventures.
June 15, 8a-3p – $175 (1 day)
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