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Save A Seat

Save a Seat at the IMSA Auditorium

Thank you!

Our heartfelt thanks to the following donors who helped IMSA renovate its auditorium with their generous gifts to the “Save a Seat” Campaign.  The auditorium is our largest classroom and central assembly space where the IMSA experience comes alive with academic programming, cultural celebrations, curricular and creative activities such as drama and music.  We welcome you to visit IMSA and see this beautifully renovated space.  On behalf of current and future students, we say thank you!

Stage Name Donor
Samuel M. Cherry Memorial Charitable Trust
Front Row
Enbridge (U.S.) Inc.
Aileen S. Andrew Foundation
Joe Beda ’93
Brad Boyer ’94
BP America Inc.
Jerome Budzik ’95
Karen Chesley ’98
Peter and Kathleen ’93 Danakis
Amit ’92 and Richa Dhawan
Adrian Fanjoy ’21 and Debra Fanjoy
Illinois Tool Works Inc.
Erica Leifheit-Limson ’01 and Kent Limson ’01
Dr. Fang-Chih Lu
Matt D. Maddox ’89 and Stacie Maddox
Saugar Maripuri ’99 and Megha Maripuri
Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall
G. Allen ’90 and Carey L. ’90 Mayer
Connie Jung Park M.D. ’01 and Brian Park ’01
Mark and Angela Pickett
Belle A. Plummer
Hon. Vernon L. Plummer, II
Prasan Vimonluk Chariya Foundation Inc.
Dr. Erin Roche ’89 in Loving Memory of Michael Roche
Mr. Pravinchandra and Dr. Bharati Roy
Danilo Soriano Family Foundation
Keith Wulffraat
Dave and Gina Zager In Memory of Scott Zager ’06
The Drama Club ’97 – ’02
Friends of
The Ballinger Family
Evan Mehn Balzuweit ’10
The Berthold Family
Erika Bongen ’09
Richard Kyle Buchman ’02
Chang-Yuan and Weihan Chang
Ms. Bernadine Chapman
Frederick W. Chen ’93
Irene Xiong Chen ’10
Yong Chen ’02
Kathleen M. Clarke ’93 in Honor of Clare and Robert Clarke
Angela C. Colmone ’96 and Andrew J. Colmone
Brian Cudiamat ’96
Daniel DeUgarte ’90
Bhavana Devulapally ’91
Jared and Maryann Dorn
Christopher and Cheryl Drake
Anton and Cheryl Eleazar
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Elliott
Eric Timothy Engelhard ’96 and Eva Bach Engelhard ’96
Aaron Feinberg and Melinda Henbest
Charles Christopher Felish ’01
Robert Forler ’05 and Samiyah Siddiqui
Nick and Marianna Gnedin
Tiy Martin Goddard ’95 and Lynford Goddard
Google, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Nachappa Gopalsami
Gretchen E. Green, M.D., M.M.S. ’92
Venkateswarlu and Ashunmathi Gumpula
Matthew Hall ’01 and Family
Mrs. Charles Hamberg
Stephanie R. Hasselbacher ’00
Carly Hawkins ’01
Emily E. Hostetter ’92 and Timothy I. Meyer ’92
Katherine Lorentzen Hove ’01
Vanessa Knapp Hughes ’93
Areto Imoukhuede ’95
Princess Imoukhuede, Ph.D. ’98
Sara M. Jetson ’10
Jane Jih ’99 and Eddy Chen
Michele Jonsson Funk ’90
Andrew Chongseh Kim ’96
Dr. and Mrs. Duk Chin Kim
Han Y. Kim ’94 and Aileen Kim
Sue Kim ’90 and Tony Pira ’90
Kathleen A. King ’01 and Steve Raciti
Rebecca and Jeff Levine
Eugene Lim ’21
Shufang and Bifang Liu
Chelsea Lynn ’02 and Erin Maiero
The Marsh Family
Chris Tessone ’00 and Sue Massey ’01
Parthiv Mehta ’92
Timothy A. Messer ’00
Winjie Tang Miao ’94 and Darryl Miao
Sudheesh Nair and Usha Ramaswamy in Honor of Nalinamba
The Old Second National Bank
Kori Rozalia Pacyniak ’00
Col. and Mrs. Alan L. Paige
Ann Pan ’07
Ravikumar Parthasarathy and Vijayalakshmi Veeraraghavan
Ashokekumar and Bhairavi Patel
Mikin Patel ’04
Ms. Boriana Peev
Christina L. Prested ’00
Jodi Cressman and David Raskin in Honor of Levi Raskin
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Reinke
Mr. Krishnaiah Revuluri in Loving Memory of Shyamala Revuluri
Sendhil Revuluri ’90 and Venu Gupta, J.D. in Loving Memory of Brian Quinby
Shawna J. Roberts ’08
Rhonda Rucker
Andrew Salij ’15
Kiri H Salij ’20
Sandra and Rodrigo Sanchez
Jeff and Lashaune Sargeant
Alexander M. Scherer ’01
Brian A. Sebby ’96
Victor Sever
Kevin T. Sharp ’04
Dr. Rebecca L. Sherrick
Dr. Jeanette Shutay and Mr. Chad Looby
Greg A. and Stacy E. Smith
Amy Courtin Sohl ’89 and David Sohl
Michelle L. Stolzoff ’07 in Loving Memory of David Stolzoff
Mr. Rajesh Sundaran and Mrs. Rekha Rajesh
Maung and Mary Anne Tin
Dr. and Mrs. José M. Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Trela
Richard Tsai ’90 and Cecilia Tsai
Laurie Van Hulle
Ms. Dawn M. Waller
Mark and Sari Wancket in Honor of David Johnson and Lyn Wancket
Ryan Yuan Wang ’08
Daniel Wheeler ’06
Bayly Wheeler ’00
Tyrone Whitmore-Wilson ’19
Jonathan Wilson ’96
Ben Yates ’14
Dr. Steven J. Zelman