Reflections - Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy


Dear IMSA Community,

It’s “Good News Friday!”

First, SB 2059 has passed both the House and Senate this morning. It is awaiting Governor Rauner’s signature who has signaled that he will do so. This stop gap funding bill for Higher Education appropriates $6 million for IMSA, which will enable us to pay salaries, address our most pressing bills and cover costs going forward.

Looking Ahead: Next Week at IMSA
Please join us in celebrating the Twenty-eighth Annual IMSAloquium 2016 on Thursday, April 28, 2016! We look forward to recognizing the amazing and outstanding accomplishments of our IMSA students in the Student Inquiry and Research program–to see more of how IMSA impacts STEM in Illinois and the world.

Happy Earth Day and Have a Great Weekend!


With Respect,

José M. Torres, Ph.D.