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ROTATIONAL INERTIA: Getting to the POINT..Let’s Balance!
The objective of the activity is to provide an inquiry-based learning experience for IMSA FUSION students and their parents to observe how the distribution of mass along an object impacts the rotational inertia of the object.  To test this, they will attempt to balance a dowel rod on their index finger in a competition to see which group’s design translates to the longest balance time.  Download this activity HERE.


Fusion units foster interest in STEM via multiple opportunities to participate in real-world scenarios. These inquiry-based activities may include the designing of a passenger airline cabin, growing crops through aquaculture, wind turbine design and building, ocean acidification investigation, and investigating gene regulation in plants. Check out the Fusion curricula offerings for 2017-18 HERE.  Did you apply to be a FUSION school this year?  Contact us for more information.


Did you miss out on our Professional Learning Day?  You can still access many of the sessions in our  IMSA's Digital Commons.  You are welcome to examine, download, and use activities shared at this annual development day. 

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