Asynchronous Online Learning Programs

Research, Inquiry Skills & Experimentation (RISE)

Pursue a higher-level, year-long, in-depth study of a science topic of your choice. Learn the skills necessary to conduct independent research and report your findingsYou will choose a topic of your own interest and collaborate with other high school students involved in independent research. Find out how to conduct authentic research and get the opportunity to connect with an expert in your chosen research area.

This course will give you the opportunity to participate in the community of scientific research and scholarship. You will have the opportunity to present your research findings at various regional, state, and national venuesThe unique methods and personalized instruction RISE offers guided 31 total students to win state and national awards in the program’s first two years.

The outcomes of this program are linked to: Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), College Readiness Standards, and Common Core State Literacy in Science and Technical Subjects.

Course Specifics

  • RISE is an online, non-credit bearing course for grades 9-12
  • Access to a computer with internet is necessary
  • Duration: Two semesters, Class starts late August and run through early June
  • Successful students will be self-motivated and independent learners.
  • Course includes significant writing component
  • Tuition: $890
School Year: 2021-2022SessionDatesRegistration
Grades 9-12Research, Inquiry Skills & Experimentation8/30/21 - 6/3/22Register Now
From a previous RISE student:

“Particularly in the past few years, I have nurtured a growing love for science and technology. As a result, I was extremely interested in the RISE program hosted by one of Illinois’ top high schools, the Illinois Math and Science Academy (IMSA). As I went through this program, I learned more about the scientific approaches to a design or experiment, and I learned to conduct my research independently and efficiently. I had encouraging and hard-working classmates, along with a very experienced instructor who was both approachable and helpful. I learned more about my topic, and I had the opportunity to pursue advanced topics that I am interested in that are normally not offered at a high school level.

I feel like this experience in RISE truly raised my academic level up a notch and helped me earn a strong passion for science. The RISE class acts in a similar way that an online classroom would work. There are instructional posts and interactive activities that are often engaging and thought-provoking. In addition to this, students cooperate with each other and comment on each other’s posts, often giving constructive criticism or praise to improve productivity and enthusiasm for a topic that everyone is interested in (in this case, science). The instructor is always quick to reply to messages, and she is always an understanding person who helped everybody develop enthusiasm for their projects. I am glad to have the opportunity to enjoy such an exciting class like RISE.”


These are mostly asynchronous courses designed around a hot topic in STEM, and may include a book read, documentaries/TED Talks, case studies, and other source or research material, with a culminating chat with an author or expert in the field.

IMSA STEM League received the 2020 Innovative Student Program of the year award from the National Consortium Secondary STEM Schools (NCSSS).

This video shares more about these programs!

Summer STEM League courses can be found here.

*Applying and qualifying for a scholarship does not guarantee an award or registration into the program. To qualify for a scholarship, the student’s family is required to submit proof of financial eligibility: if you qualify for SNAP or Free/Reduced lunch, you qualify, but we need you to submit proof of eligibility. If you do not have a form in your possession or have difficulty getting it from your school or IDHS, you may submit a screen shot showing eligibility. Please contact us at if you have difficulty with this requirement. Alternatively, a 2019 or 2020  federal tax return showing proof of family income may be submitted. WATCH YOUR EMAIL and CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER! Award recipients will be notified via email and must reply to scholarship offer within the time period indicated in email. NOTE: You may choose to either pay for program registration OR apply for a scholarship and await award notification. Your scholarship application will not be considered if you also complete a paid registration. Scholarship awardees for this program will be responsible for a $30 scholarship fee.

No requests for a registration cancellation/refund for this program will be accommodated after August 1. Requests must be made in writing via an email to: Please include the program name and your student’s full name.