Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy

To ignite and nurture creative, ethical, scientific minds that advance the human condition.

IMSA Learning Standards

IMSA's Learning Standards set reasonable but high expectations for learning and understanding across all areas of the Academy experience. The goal is to nurture academic growth and enable students to use both rich content and skill competency to demonstrate understanding.

The foundation of IMSA’s Learning Standards are Academy-wide Standards of Significant Learning (SSLs). SSLs communicate Academy expectations for all graduates. SSLs articulate valued habits of mind which contribute to integrative ways of knowing. We expect these ways of knowing to broaden and deepen over time as students experience IMSA’s innovative and rigorous academic and residential program. The SSLs are interconnected and synergetic, emerging within and connecting across all learning areas, extending Academy learning expectations beyond specific course outcomes. SSLs exemplify the metaphor for learning as a journey, not a destination.

Seven academic areas and the residential program at IMSA have each developed Program Purposes, Team Goals, Unifying Concepts and Processes, and Learning Standards which express the SSLs in the context of the academic disciplines and the residential program.

Together, the SSLs and the academic and residential program standards serve as a foundation for curriculum, instruction and assessment at IMSA.