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History and Social Science


The Bishop of Seville, Isidore, used this T-O" map of the "inhabited world when he compiled an encyclopedia of knowledge in 630AD. This was probably one of the first maps of Western Civilization to appear in print in 1472. The map was typical of medieval maps, circular and presenting the Christian view of the world.

Secondary education performs a vital function in the cognitive and moral development of adolescents; it supports the transition between the home focused world of the child and the outwardly focused world of the adult. The study of history and the social sciences forms a key element of any quality secondary education. It enables students to develop an intellectual and cultural context that serves as a framework for future intellectual, civic, and ethical growth, and participation in civil society.

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The Department of History and Social Science maintains a detailed website of their own that includes student work, syllabi, and more.

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